In Grimoire you take on the role of a cosmically powerful wielder of the arcane, someone able to reshape the very fabric of reality to their very whim—a mighty master of the arcane.
That’s what you like to tell yourself, anyway. The general consensus is that Wizards tends to be more like a natural—or unnatural—disaster in the making. They are buried in innumerable layers of paperwork, Wizardly law and bureaucracy, and that’s on a good day. On a bad day you’ll be forced on some kind of mad Wizardly quest, and that sort of thing never ends well.
Shouting panicked gibberish while waving pencils at each other has never been so much fun!
GrimoireTales of Wizardry and Intrigue is a rules-lite roleplaying system with a heavy narrative spin. Included in the 140-page guidebook are:
– The Magic System
Grimoire is built upon a unique and super-flexible spell system that allows players to build their spells on the fly with real magical phrases.
– Unique Settings
Whether you prefer the typical high fantasy setting, a wizarding academy, or modern urban magic, Grimoire has a scenario for you.
– Random Tables
The guidebook contains tables for randomly generating your Wizards and their adventures. Generate quest details, whispered rumours, magical artifacts, and even high-fashion outfits.
– Pencils for Wands
Wands are an important tool in spellcasting! Get everyone in on the fun of waving a length of wood around while incanting mystical phrases.
– Important Badges
Make sure your players know every Wizard’s names and what their job is with eye-pleasing paper badges they can decorate and tape to their shirts.

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