Take on the role of a cosmically powerful wielder of the arcane in Grimoire - Tales of Wizardry and Intrigue, and battle beasts and bureaucracy in equal measure. Never before has a roleplaying game so completely encapsulated the essence of real wizardry.

Wands, flexible spellcasting, and special badges are all part of this unique roleplaying game.

Do not be alarmed! They are Professional Wizards!

Mighty Adventuring Hero

Big swords, big boots, and big egos abound in Mighty Adventuring Hero - Tales of Gold and Glory. Boldly press through very exciting hordes of villains and vile creatures in an unending quest for immeasurable loot and glory.

Reluctantly work together as a group of lone wolves with dark and troubled pasts. Forge bonds of trust and friendship as you venture into dark spaces and strange lands.

The time for fear is over! Now is the time... for Heroes!

Fate & Fortune

A simple, light-weight roleplaying game intended to be played with a deck of cards. This basic pay-what-you-want system allows players to play through short cinematic-style games structured in the manner of a film.


All products are available through DriveThruRPG, a Print-on-Demand and e-Book vendor specializing in roleplaying games.

Supplement Pack

A free supplement pack for Grimoire and Mighty Adventuring Hero provides players with character and campaign generators, printable pages, and example characters and quests.


A simple game about a group of mice who actively collaborate with the invaders from the Rat Empire. This one-page ruleset also comes with a suggested setting and plot hooks.