The once-peaceful Mouse Republic has been conquered by the vicious Rat Empire, forcing the citizens into squalor and servitude. Safety is a thing of the past as the new Rat overlords abuse their power and the citizens as they please.
The victims must suffer in silence—there is no justice, and any protest invites further reprisals. A once prosperous land has turned into a nightmare.

But not for you—in Quisling you play the part of an obsequious traitor to your fallen country, and have displayed a remarkable willingness to collaborate with your Rat overlords. This has afforded you some measure of safety and liberty, although you have gained the contempt of your fellow mice in return.

Keep your furry head attached by whatever means necessary, even if it means selling out everything you ever cared about!

Quisling is available as a downloadable PDF.

Quisling Cover

Pay What You Want

Download it for free, or pay as much as you want! Quisling is released under the ‘Pay What You Want’ model, so you can always feel like you’re getting a good deal.


Quisling has only a single page of rules, and keeps the game mechanics simple while the story gets complicated.

The Bad Guys

The player characters may not be the big villains in Quisling, but they’re certainly not the good guys. It’s very satisfying when they finally get what’s coming to them.