Game Balance: Wizards overpowering Adventurers

Wizards possess the power to reshape the fabric of reality. Adventurers are just particularly competent in their particular set of skills.

Without further context it is easy to see how Wizards would dominate your game sessions, but it will usually occur when the expectations on the Wizard are unclear, too expansive, or if they just feel the need to do everything for the Adventurers. There are some easy ways to address this kind of problem:

  1. Use the Wizard Contract.
    Wizards should not be acting as regular Adventurers in search of gold and glory. They are there to get paid. The Wizarding Contract allows the Adventurers to hire the Wizard to fill some very specific niches for an agreed-upon payment. The Wizard should not be working for free, and should always be looking to charge for additional services.
  2. Make sure the Wizard has expensive expenses
    Wizards accidentally destroy things all the time, including their own belongings. They should also need to pay their own way. The Wizarding Contract should not be too generous for what the Adventurers will provide, so that the Wizard will be unwilling to just do everything for free.
  3. Show them that Wizards are very dangerous
    When a Wizard’s spellcasting goes wrong, it can create serious problems and death for everyone nearby. Adventurers should not be happy to let this sort of thing continually happen. Demonstrating the consequences of this situation might be enough to shift the Adventurers’ perspectives on the matter.
  4. Highlight that letting the Wizard do everything isn’t very glorious
    The general public treat Wizards as another level of existence and defeating a group of beasts is easily within their abilities. The same victory, when achieved by Adventurers, is seen as something rather more remarkable. Adventurers who rely heavily on Wizards for assistance in doing ‘Adventurer-work’ would not only fail to gain any Glory Points, but may lose them. Their standing may also be reduced amongst their fellow Adventurers, who would see this as the Wizard baby-sitting them.
  5. Make use of NPCs
    The aim of the Adventurers is to make a reputation. If the Wizard is doing all the work, this kind of story will get around. Let them overhear the opinions of the general public.
    Commoner A: “Oh, those Adventurers? The ones who have a Wizard doing all the work?”
    Commoner B: “Yes, those are the ones.”
  6. Limit the number of Wizards in the Group
    Normally one Wizard is enough in any Adventuring group. They are expensive and tend to become highly competitive. Having multiple Wizards will make the situation more chaotic, and is only advisable if the Wizards are under orders to assist indirectly.

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