Combat Clarifications

Combat in Mighty Adventuring Hero is largely abstract. With that being said, the following may clear some things up.

The attack is made by the Player describing the intended actions of their character, or by the Game Master using the Attack Roll Limit of a non-Adventurer NPC.

The Game Master advises them which Heroisms most closely match the description of their attack, and the Player rolls against these. A Hero may have a Limit over 20 if Strengths are applied to an extremely competent attack.

If successful, the target may roll a Defence Roll to try to avoid being hit. They may do this for any and every attack being directed at them, although the Game Master may give penalties. Non-Adventurers will use an Evasion Roll that can be interpreted as a dodge or parry—whichever makes more sense.

  • Note: it is completely possible for a character to use a Heroic Feat with a Limit of 20 or more. Use environmental factors, or change up the kind of threats being encountered, to reduce their ability to completely dominate the combat encounter.

Defence Rolls do not receive penalties from how much the Attack Roll succeeded by. Defence Rolls are not possible if a target is unaware of the attack and cannot avoid it.

Injury Rolls are made if the attack hits. These are modified by how successful the attack was, any modifiers from weapons and armour, and the presence of pre-existing injuries.

  • Note: earlier copies of the rulebook include the margin of failure of an Evasion instead of the margin of success of the attack. This is a misprint.

If an Injury Roll succeeds, there is no serious damage. If an Injury Roll fails, a Death Roll must be made to avoid taking a mortal wound. If the Death Roll is failed, the character will die within ten minutes (less the margin of failure). A Calamity on a Death Roll represents immediate death. Medical treatment or restorative magic will prevent death from occurring during this time.

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