Wizard Spell Points

Spell Points are used to obtain ranks in Words. Each point invested will reduce the Word Rank by one, to a minimum of zero. All Wizards receive a certain number of these to start with, as well as a base rank to improve their Words from.

Progression in a Campaign

There are general rules provided in the Students scenario for handling progression, but in more general terms:

  • Achieving a milestone, such as completing a quest, should be rewarded with a Spell Point.
  • Achieving a major milestone, such as the completion of a campaign arc, should be rewarded with two Spell Points.
  • Taking ten weeks to study should be rewarded with a Spell Point.
  • If the ‘Base Competence’ in the campaign is ever improved, all Words with Skill Points are improved by the same amount. It is impossible to improve beyond Rank 0 (Mastery).

Spell Points are extremely valuable, and should not be given easily. Consider other rewards if your Wizards are feeling unappreciated:

  • Wealth
  • Special Contacts
  • Magical Artifacts
  • Equipment Points

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